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Taco dinner!

This weekend, I traveled to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, to compete in an intercollegiate debate tournament funded by Dartmouth! We drove down to Providence on Friday morning and checked into the tournament. The tournament had over 60 teams from 14 different schools, including teams from the South and Midwest!

We arrived at Brown after a 3-hour drive and immediately launched into our first round, a resolution on the Chinese Sword Initiative, a program that bans the import of trash into China. Walking into the debate, I had never heard about the CSI or knew that China was formerly a major importer of trash, so this was an exercise in thinking on my feet. Unfortunately, we lost the round (deservingly so, our opponents knew their stuff).

In between rounds, we broke for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Dartmouth funds all expenses when you travel or compete on behalf of the university, so everyone could participate on the trip regardless of how much they could individually contribute, which is a wonderful thing.

After dinner, we faced off against opponents from Wellesley, running our pre-prepped case on legalizing prostitution. The discussion evolved into whether sex with an economic transition could ever be fully consensual due to the inherent power dynamic. Such an interesting and politically relevant discussion and so fascinating to engage with members of an all-women's college who had a very different opinion on the issue.

After 5 hours of debate at around 11 pm, we ended the night and headed back to the hotel. Our team stayed up late chatting. Though the group is tight, it was really nice to bond with everyone in a setting outside of debate practice at Dartmouth.

Saturday morning, we headed back to Brown for outrounds, discussing whether argumentation or collaboration was a more important skill and the ethics of labor revolts. We CRUSHED it on Saturday, winning every round of the day.

After a great weekend, we piled back in the car, sharing stories and laughing all the way back to Hanover. I know I've written about debate before on the blog, but it's a community I'm happy to be a part of, and I'm grateful to Dartmouth for making it so financially accessible.

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