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A picture of Dartmouth Hall, a large, white building from the street

Hello Dartmouth (and the world)! My name is Matthew Monroe, and hailing from the land of manatees and Mickey Mouse, I can't wait to share with you the experience of a Floridian in a New England college! First and foremost, let's get the icebreakers out of the way. I`m Matthew (I said that already), and I'm a '27. I'm a potential Biology or Chemistry major, but I have a lot of other academic interests. I'm a Scorpio, and I enjoy long walks on the beach (though I think I'll have to get used to long walks in the woods instead). My favorite food is rice and beans, and my primary extracurricular interest is theatre, which I hope to be involved with at Dartmouth! I'm also very excited to take advantage of all of the language-study options available here. In my free time, I like painting and spending time in nature, and recently, I've been trying to learn guitar (keyword: trying). A fun fact about me is that I was born with webbed toes! It feels a tad bit inappropriate to post a picture for proof, so you'll just have to take my word for it. A second, less weird fun fact is that I have four cats at home!

Now that you have an idea of who I am, let's talk blog. As a member of the People Places Pines team, I hope to give you a more nuanced and in-depth view of the niche and overlooked gems to be discovered at Dartmouth. From classes to clubs to cool spots on campus, I want to highlight all of the little things that make life at Dartmouth special. I know building a college list and making school decisions can be really hard. I've been there, believe me. But I hope by showing you as many of the intricacies of the Dartmouth experience as possible, you'll be able to build a fuller picture of what the college has to offer. In high school, I was hyper-involved in a multitude of different clubs, extracurriculars, and experiences. At Dartmouth, I can't wait to do the same, this time bringing you along for the ride! 

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