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Raazberries Performing

Dartmouth College has tons to do throughout the term – from Collis After Dark to DOC trips, it's pretty hard to get bored. We also have a lot of talented student performers in dance and acapella groups, bands, and improv groups – all of whom perform each term in big shows. In the summer, though, these groups run a little differently. They all open their arms to accept students who haven't had any experience in their respective focuses, allowing students to learn a new skill while putting on shows for their friends to go see. 

These shows are some of the highlights of Sophomore Summer (the tradition of taking your summer at the end of your Sophomore year as an 'on-term') at Dartmouth, and so I decided I wanted to see if there was a way to showcase all of the amazing student talent we have in a big show!

UjiMelt Performing
Ujimelt doing their thing!

I am involved in a range of groups across campus, but most recently I have become involved in Greek Life Leadership as an event coordinator. Not only has this been an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the shaping of a community that has been so meaningful to me, but it also gives me the opportunity to plan fun community events – such as Summer Streetfest!

Over months of planning and coordinating with other Greek Organizations and student groups, we managed to execute an amazing event that featured all of the five Dartmouth Summer Dance Groups (Ujimelt, SoyeyaX, Splenda, Shebalite, and Raazberries), the Summer Acapella Group (the Summer-Phonics), a student band (phytoplankton) and more! The whole community came out in support of their friends who performed, and hundreds of people from all across the Dartmouth Community shared an amazing moment. It has been a highlight of my summer, and just goes to show the kinds of opportunities students here have in terms of leaving their mark on the campus!

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