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Young MA performing on stage

Green Key: A quintessential Dartmouth tradition along with Homecoming and Winter Carnival—and the one remaining tradition I had yet to experience as a freshman. There is no one way to define Green Key, nor is there one Green Key experience. Green Key may refer to the big concert hosted by Collis Programming Board, but in general, it encapsulates the weekend people spend going to the PB concert, the live band performances at the Collis Center for Student Involvement, and the variety of concerts different Greek houses host.  

I started off my Green Key weekend Friday afternoon attending a block party hosted by Phi Delta Alpha (colloquially known as Phi Delt). This, like most parties at Dartmouth, was advertised to the campus community and open to anyone on campus. Student band Tightrope performed their own renditions of popular songs that I personally enjoyed.

A picture of an audience in front of Phi Delt
Phi Delt Block Party!

After a few hours of dancing and singing along, I remembered that I had signed up to volunteer for Green Key. I quickly headed to Tuck Drive, making sure to grab some dinner beforehand, and helped facilitate students' and their guests' entry into the venue. Due to the large number of people who attend this concert, Dartmouth requires all attendees to have wristbands. My job was to check that everyone entering the venue did in fact adorn their proper wristbands. 

After an hour of volunteering (guaranteeing myself a free Green Key 2024 t-shirt), I headed to the stage to listen to the artists. Student band Read Receipts was first in the line-up, followed by student DJs Vivachae, rapper Young M.A., and Shaggy. We laughed, sang, and danced until way past sundown.

Shaggy performing and singing on stage

Throughout the weekend, the Collis Center for Student Involvement offered a variety of programming. A variety of bands such as Chance Emerson, Bermuda Search Party, and Pacific Avenue performed live music on the Collis porch, accompanied with free food such as Ben & Jerry's ice cream. On Saturday afternoon, my friends and I grabbed some free bubble wands from Collis and blew some bubbles before listening to a couple of the band performances. 

Next, I headed to another concert at Kappa Delta Epsilon (KDE). After the concert, one of my friends and I decided to go to the river and relax! We ended up meeting a few upperclassmen ('23s and '24s) who invited us to play cards. A simple invitation quickly turned into a long night of random conversation.

Sunset at the river
Sunset at the River!

While the concert itself was pretty nice, a weekend of memorable moments with friends—old and new—is what I think Green Key is about. As Green Key marks the start of an end to spring term and to my freshman year, it feels bittersweet in a way knowing that time flew by so fast. Still, I have three more years to go, and plenty of new memories on the horizon. 

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