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When I first began applying to colleges, one of the most important factors that I prioritized was the food source, whether that be through cafeterias, cafes, or restaurants in the surrounding area. There are a multitude of smaller coffee shops, snack bars, and dining areas scattered throughout Dartmouth's campus, including the Class of 1953 Commons (FoCo), Courtyard Cafe, and Collis Cafe. Today, I invite you to join me at a few of these locations as I show you all what I eat in a day as a Dartmouth student!

blog_4032 × 3024_breakfast
My Class of 1953 Commons breakfast spread: waffles, ham, cereal, and a banana!

For breakfast, I chose to grab a filling meal near my dorm at the Class of 1953 Commons. Here, there are a variety of spots where you can choose your morning spread, whether that be from the cereal bar, omelet station, bagel bar, or Ma Thayer's, the main area that serves a daily selection of either French toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs… the works! Today, I decided to go with a bowl of Apple Jacks cereal, French toast-style waffles, ham, and a banana. This filled me up quite nicely and filled me with enough energy to go about the rest of my day.

blog_4032 × 3024_studysnack
My Umpleby's study and snack spread: a vanilla chai latte and a chocolate croissant!

After breakfast, I made my way to Umpleby's Bakery and Cafe, a quaint off-campus cafe, to study and finish some assignments for the upcoming day. Here, I enjoyed a small vanilla chai latte with a chocolate croissant, both of which were super tasty and affordable!

blog_4032 × 3024_lunch
My Class of 1953 Commons lunch spread: beef stir-fry and white rice!

Once a few hours of studying and schoolwork passed, I decided to change locations and head back to the Class of 1953 Commons for some lunch. Compared to the mornings, the number of options multiplies, as stations including the vegan, sandwich, soup, and food allergy and dietary needs stations (to name a few) begin to serve food. Every so often, they will replace the morning's omelet station with the stir-fry station, a lunch and dinner option that is very popular among Dartmouth students–today was my lucky day! I opted to get a plate of beef stir-fry with broccoli, onion, and green peppers, along with a few scoops of white rice. Although not pictured, I finished this meal with a sweet treat, a cup of s'mores flavored ice cream!

blog_2759 × 3679_dinner
My Molly's dinner spread: truffle fries and a bowl of rigatoni pasta!

To end my day, I ventured into Hanover once again with a group of friends, stopping at Molly's Restaurant and Bar for dinner. With a lively atmosphere and a large selection of dinner options, this was the perfect way to end a busy evening. Here, I chose to share a plate of truffle fries with one of my friends, and I ate a main course of creamy rigatoni pasta. It was delicious to say the least. 

Dartmouth's multitude of restaurants, cafes, and dining areas drew me in when applying, and as a current student, I am incredibly grateful for the amount of tasty options there are to choose from each day. Whenever I am hungry or craving something to snack on while I study, I am never too far away from a food source, leaving me with energy and a full stomach to get me through my homework!

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