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Having spent four terms at Dartmouth before embarking on my study abroad experience, I thought I had a solid grasp of my financial needs in Hanover. Little did I anticipate the unique financial landscape that studying abroad in Toulouse, a city outside the U.S., would present. As a student on full financial aid, this journey has prompted me to explore, plan, and appreciate the financial support that Dartmouth provides.

With its distinct charm and cultural offerings, Toulouse comes with additional costs that I hadn't encountered in Hanover, such as transportation and grocery shopping. In this post, I want to shed light on how I am navigating the financial aspects of my study abroad experience beyond the itemized Dartmouth financial aid package.

Dartmouth's financial aid package breaks down the estimated cost of attendance into categories like tuition, housing, food, and transportation. However, studying abroad means stepping away from Dartmouth's dorms and dining halls. Consequently, there is surplus money from my financial aid package, originally intended for on-campus living, that now contributes to covering my daily expenses in Toulouse.

While Dartmouth's financial aid was more than sufficient, I aspired beyond meeting my basic needs. Eager to explore France and potentially visit neighboring French-speaking countries, I began saving from the moment I secured my spot on the study abroad program. This proactive approach allowed me to allocate funds for these experiences without compromising my financial stability.

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Contrary to my initial fears of financial insecurity abroad, I've found myself in a position of confidence, thanks to Dartmouth's robust financial aid contribution and my budgeting skills. The meticulous itemization of the aid package ensures that even when studying in a foreign city, my essential needs are met, leaving room for personal exploration and cultural immersion.

I am immensely grateful for Dartmouth's commitment to providing study-abroad opportunities for students with high financial need. The institution's financial aid packages not only facilitate access to these transformative experiences but also empower students to embrace the full spectrum of opportunities, both academically and culturally. As I continue to navigate the financial aspects of studying abroad, I am reminded that Dartmouth's support extends beyond campus borders, fostering an environment where financial barriers do not hinder the pursuit of global education.

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