For more than 20 years, Dartmouth College has been providing access to Dartmouth courses, free of charge, to academically prepared area high school students.

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🌲 About the Program

Dartmouth College's Community High School Program (CHSP) is open to seniors (during fall, winter, and spring terms) and juniors (during the winter and spring terms) of area high schools who have exhausted all possible classes within their field of interest at their high school. All students are recommended by a high school principal, counselor, or other school official with responsibility for the program at their school.

🌲 Contact Information

Kevin M. Ramos-Glew, CHSP Coordinator
Phone: 603-646-2875

🌲 2023-2024 Schedule

Dartmouth has reopened the Community High School Program for area high school students for the 2023-2024 academic year. Fall of 2023 will be the first term of classes—available only to students who will be seniors in September 2023. Eligible juniors will be able to enroll in courses beginning in the winter term, January 2024.

🌲 Course Enrollment Instructions

Before taking the following steps, students interested in taking a course at Dartmouth should consult with their high school counselor. Prospective students must have exhausted opportunities to take subjects within their high school to take courses at Dartmouth. Students will work with counselors from their high school to determine if they are eligible for the program.

  1. Students and counselors review the Timetable of Class Meetings (if this link doesn't work for you, please google "Dartmouth Timetable of Class Meetings" to get to this page) to determine appropriate course(s). The Timetable for the fall term becomes available in the 6th week of spring term, the Timetable for the winter term becomes available in the 6th week of fall term, and the Timetable for the spring term becomes available in the 6th week of winter term. The Community High School Program is not available for summer term courses. Dartmouth's Academic Calendar is available here.
  2. Students connect with the professor who will be teaching the course that they are interested in taking to let the professor know that they hope to enroll in their class. After the counselor has submitted the Program Registration Form, the Community High School Program will formally reach out to the professor via email to request permission for the student to enroll in the class.
  3. Students and counselors submit the Program Registration Form. 
  4. Students and their parents/guardians review the Student Handbook and the Catalog/ORC.
  5. Students and their parents/guardians sign and return the Permission to Participate Agreement which will be sent to the parent email provided on the Program Registration Form.
  6. Students will receive an email from Dartmouth with further instructions a few weeks before the start of the term. Completion of steps 1-5 does not guarantee enrollment in the course if the course has a limited enrollment. Course registration is confirmed on the second day of classes only if there is room in the course after Dartmouth students have registered. If space is available, high school students will be given access to DartHub through which they will select their chosen course.

Questions? Please contact us at

Employees interested in taking courses at Dartmouth should visit Human Resources' Educational Assistance Benefits web page for a full description of the programs available to faculty and staff.

🌲 Program Policies
  • The program is free of charge aside from books and materials necessary for the course.
  • High school seniors are eligible to enroll in one course per term during the fall, winter, and spring terms.
  • High school juniors are eligible to enroll in one course per term during the winter and spring terms only.
  • Students are eligible to enroll in four courses maximum while enrolled in high school.
  • Students must maintain a grade of C+ or better in each course to be allowed to register again without petitioning the Chair of the Advisory Committee.
  • Students may not displace Dartmouth College students in a course.
  • Students are not eligible to enroll in certain courses which include, but are not limited to:
    • Individual music instruction
    • Studio Art courses
    • Writing 2, 3, 5; First-Year Seminars; and Humanities 1 and 2
    • Mathematics 1 and 2
    • History 5.03, 72, 74, 95
  • Students may not gain entry into any course with an enrollment limit before all Dartmouth students have registered for the term. For this reason, course registration is confirmed on the second day of classes. 
  • Students who have completed the requirements for the high school diploma may continue to take courses at Dartmouth only if they are fully enrolled in a high school program during the entire corresponding term.
  • Participating high schools must be within a 50-mile radius of Dartmouth College. Students are responsible for their own transportation and parking.
  • High school students are graded and receive college credit on a Dartmouth transcript just like any other Dartmouth student. This means they are held to the same grading, deadline, and conduct standards.
  • If a student decides to withdraw from a course, they follow standard Dartmouth College procedures. See the Registration and Course Changes section of the ORC/Catalog, which includes withdrawal policies.
  • If a student chooses the non-recording option, they follow standard Dartmouth College procedures as outlined in the NRO section of the ORC/Catalog.
  • Upon completion of the course, high school students may request an official copy of their Dartmouth transcript.