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Hello Hello! My name is Ali Duke, and, like Vanessa, I am a new AO in Dartmouth’s office. I am currently writing this post while overlooking the mountains on a beautiful, sunny day here in Denver, Colorado. My travel regions include Dallas/Ft. Worth & Austin, TX, Central/Western/Capitol/Upstate NY, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado! A few fun facts that will help you get to know me a little bit better:

  1. Pasta is not only my favorite food, but also my way of life.
  2.  I often feed into Vanessa’s horoscope hobby. Since we are both Virgo’s, we enjoy reading what to expect from the day in the morning together.
  3. I am originally from Vermont! I moved away for school, and have now returned to my home state to work at Dartmouth (Dartmouth is on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire, and I live on the Vermont side of the Connecticut River.

me, a the beginning of the Independence Pass — yes, a stranger took this for me
me, a the beginning of the Independence Pass — yes, a stranger took this for me


    I have been traveling the past two weeks in Idaho, Utah, & Colorado, and meeting lots of fantastic high schoolers along the way. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to drive out to Aspen to take part in the Western Slope Fair, a massive college event that brings together 1500+ students from 82 different high schools on the Western slope of Colorado. It was a fantastic event, so well run, and so many great students were present. I did drive Independence Pass on my way out to Aspen (Have any of you driven the Pass? Yikes!) and got to see some serious snow, which made this Vermonter feel right at home. By the time I arrived at my hotel I was ready for a good long rest, pre-fair. After all, AO’s need sleep too (A luxurious 8 hours for me, please!) Of course, I always travel with my lone pine Dartmouth bag!

    Taking part in a college fair is an invaluable experience for admission reps and students alike. It can be a bit overwhelming, but is a high volume, high impact way to meet lots of people in a short period of time. After reflecting on my time at the fair I came up with a few helpful tips for attending a college fair.

    I hope this is helpful to any of your college fair attendees out there! A huge amount of time and effort goes into planning these events, so make the most of them!

    So glad to check in with all of you! I am one of the chattiest people in the Office, so it is a little shocking it has taken me this long to get on the blog. I look forward to blogging again soon!