Greetings from Lexington, Kentucky! Once in a while, AOs find time see a little more than your lovely high schools. It's not all glamorous, but once in a while we get to see a little of what makes your city yours.

Ali might win for most scenic drive this month, while traveling from Idaho to Salt Lake City. I definitely appreciated the mountain snapchats (which I'm sure she safely pulled over to take...).


Director of Admissions Paul sampled some of the finest donuts America's Finest City has to offer (as a San Diego native, I would know) on a Coast to Coast trip. Might I also suggest VG in Cardiff-by-the-Sea?

I met the cutest pug at a school in Indiana -- he was happy to pose for the camera, but (literally) snored peacefully while I actually gave my session. I headed to Chicago to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with my sister (shanah tovah!) and take in my first Black Hawks game.


Hayden hit up a beach in Newport, Rhode Island in between high school visits in business casual style (this is what the kids wear to the beach these days, yes?).

Just a skip away from Hanover, Isabel said "oui!" to Montreal. Even up in Canada, Isabel felt the heat wave that all of us seemed to experience -- I think we're all okay with that being over, right? Time for fall!

On the west coast, Gina and Director of Financial Aid Dino toured high schools, and the culinary stylings of Malibu and Calabasas. Check out Luis Flores '21 on the banner at his alma mater, Garfield High School in Los Angeles, CA.


In North Carolina, Angie visited her friends and childhood home, where her two younger brothers kept her busy (she surprised one of her brothers for his birthday by coming home!). Angie also had the chance to visit her high school alma mater while in NC!


Along with a crew from the office, Lee powered through the annual NACAC conference and college fair (with over 7,000 people!) in caffeinated-AO style. 

Finishing up her four week tour of Southeast Asia, Elkie made friends with locals in Seoul, South Korea in the Jangchungdan-ro neighborhood -- fun fact, right near the origin of Gangam Style. Elkie and her group also took a night time boat ride after an all day conference in Bangkok, Thailand and saw the city all lit up.

Belinda spent a few weeks on the west coast, including San Francisco where she found these morning buns, and attended a talk with two Dartmouth profs.


Here's what Belinda had to say about Dr. Fossum and the conference she attended:

This is a photo of Dr. Eric Fossum, THE creator of the camera-in-the-chip, aka the dude responsible for our ability to take selfies. He is Associate Provost for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer at Dartmouth. He and the Dean of the Engineering School, Joe Helble, spoke to students in San Mateo, California about liberal arts & sciences and how Dartmouth’s approach to engineering, computer science, entrepreneurship, etc. is a unique model (not to mention to faculty-student relationships). It was amazing…hearing about Thayer (53% women!), liberal engineering, the expansion of West End at Dartmouth, Dr. Fossum’s research (and inclusion of undergraduates in his lab). All on the eve of the Dartmouth Entrepeneurial Forum with hundreds of alumni in some kind of entrepreneurship, mentoring, networking, and simply enjoying each other’s company!

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