Spring green energizes creative impulses at Dartmouth

Photo of an apple tree in bloom in front of Collis
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Spring at Dartmouth

From Powwow competitions to commencement’s bagpipe procession, Dartmouth students share what it is that makes spring spring at Dartmouth.

Spring on Campus

Photo of an a ccapella concert on the Dartmouth Green

The end of winter brings outdoor concerts, and longer, warmers days to spend time outside enjoying our natural campus environment.

A photo of the Dartmouth Cycling Team

Spring provides a backdrop of competition and recreation through intramural, club, and intercollegiate athletic teams, including the co-ed Dartmouth cycling club team.

Photo of Dartmouth hall lit in the colors of the rainbow for Dartmouth PRIDE week

In late April, the campus celebrates PRIDE Week, Dartmouth Hall is illuminated in rainbow colors, and the community promotes awareness and provides opportunites to encourage inclusion and discussion through celebration.

Spring Traditions

Spring on Campus

Photo of a student during the annual Powwow event

The annual Dartmouth Powwow celebrates Native culture at Dartmouth with music, Native American Dances, arts, and crafts. 

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Photo of Dartmouth Hall taken from a drone

In 1770, determined to bring his school to New Hampshire, Eleazar Wheelock toured various towns and chose the township of Hanover for its contiguous land that it offered him, more than any other spot.

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Photo of students studying against Dartmouth Hall in spring

Your favorite study space might end up being a cozy nook in Baker Library, or a community space in your residence hall, but, once spring is in the air, an outside study space may become your new favorite