Admissions Apply


Choose your recommenders thoughtfully.

Dartmouth requires three recommendations and strongly encourages a fourth: A counselor recommendation and two teacher recommendations are required. In addition, a peer recommendation is strongly encouraged, and counts as one of the two "allowed" other recommendations. These different reflections help us understand your involvement and personality from various perspectives.

Recommendations for First-Year Applicants


  • Counselor Evaluation: The written evaluation from your counselor is included in your Secondary School Report.
  • 2 Teacher Evaluations: We want to know from your junior- or senior-year teachers of academic classes (math, history, etc.) what you are like in the classroom.

Strongly Encouraged


  • Arts Instructor: If you are submitting an arts supplement for review, please invite your arts instructor to submit a recommendation letter via Dartmouth Slideroom.
  • Additional Recommendation: You may submit an additional recommendation letter via the Common Application "Other Recommender" section.
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Our invitation is open summer, fall, winter, or spring: visit us today.