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QuestBridge FAQs

Our FAQ list covers some of the most common QuestBridge application questions, but feel free to get in touch if you have more to ask.

Additional questions for Dartmouth Admissions staff can be submitted via our Contact Us page.

Is the National College Match at Dartmouth binding?
Yes. If you match with Dartmouth, it is a binding offer of admission and we expect that you will withdraw any applications at other colleges or universities.

Will I receive an interview?
Given the early review of National College Match finalist applications and the relatively short window of time in which this review takes places, an alumni interview will not be part of the admissions process. If you become a Regular Decision applicant to Dartmouth, you may be contacted by one of our alumni interviewers. Learn more about our alumni interview program.

If I match with Dartmouth, and become a Quest Scholar, what will my financial aid look like?
All of our financial aid is need-based financial aid and Dartmouth, as a member of the Ivy League, does not offer merit or athletic scholarships. Quest Scholars can anticipate receiving the financial aid outlined in our Match Scholarship profile.  You will receive a final financial aid package directly from Dartmouth after Match notifications are released on December 1. Learn more about our Financial Aid program.

As a Finalist, am I eligible to apply to Dartmouth Early Decision?
Finalists who do not wish to participate in the National College Match may apply to Dartmouth under our Early Decision program. Finalists who participated in the National College Match but did not match to a binding college are able to apply early decision by emailing Jennifer Gargano to confirm your application. Learn more about your options following the match. 

I participated in the National College Match, but did not match. What are my chances of admission to Dartmouth Regular Decision?
At Dartmouth, a number of finalists who do not match during the initial matching process are admitted during Regular Decision. Review the Regular Decision requirements for Finalists.