Admissions Visits & Programs

Admitted Student Programs

Every April, Dartmouth hosts visit programs and off-campus events for our admitted students.

Dimensions of Dartmouth

April is decision time for admitted students who apply at regular decision time. Our Dimensions of Dartmouth programs provide a chance for admitted students to experience Dartmouth first hand. We offer multiple programs in April as well as the option of planning your own visit day when you can take in a class, have lunch with Dartmouth students, and spend an overnight in a dorm.

The pre-programmed Dimensions days are for regular decision admitted students only. We do not have the capacity to house all of our admitted students on campus at one time. However, we do encourage all admitted students to join us for our admitted student events in local communities.

Admitted Student Events

Admitted Student Events are held in various cities and towns both nationally and internationally every year during the month of April. Dartmouth alumni clubs host these events in private homes or in public locations. Both admitted early-decision and regular-decision students are invited to attend these local gatherings, which provide informal opportunities to meet with fellow classmates and connect with local alumni. It's also a great time to ask all your questions about living and learning at Dartmouth.