Interdisciplinary Studies Summer Series

Are you excited by the idea of attacking a problem from multiple angles? Join us every Thursday in August for a series of programs and presentations designed for prospective students interested in learning about what it means to study across disciplines in college. These events are hosted by the Dartmouth College Office of Admissions in partnership with our faculty across a variety of academic subjects.

If you couldn't join us for one or more of the webinars, or if you want to learn more about what it means to study across disciplines at Dartmouth, consider checking out the following resources:

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    • This profile from 3D, our admissions magazine, details how Luca Lit '21 combined his intersecting passions in marine conservation, software development, and social impact.
    • Estelle '23's post from People Places Pines, our admissions office blog, sharing her excitement over taking courses from the same bestselling authors whose works topped the shelves of the bookstore where she worked. 
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