Humanities Summer Series

Do you often find yourself thinking about… thinking? Join us every Tuesday in August for a series of programs and presentations designed for prospective students interested in studying the humanities as a substantive part of their college experience. These events are hosted by the Dartmouth College Office of Admissions in partnership with our faculty in the Humanities.

If you couldn't join us for one or more of the webinars, or if you want to learn more about what it means to study the humanities at Dartmouth, consider checking out the following resources:

  • Watch 
    • This clip from our YouTube channel, which will give you an introduction to the power of interdisciplinary thinking at Dartmouth.
    • Economics professor Christopher Synder illustrates how vaccine development is about much more than medicine.
  • Read
    • This profile from 3D, our admissions magazine, shares how Comparative Literature and French Professor Andrea Tarnowski combines music, literature, theater, and art in her two-course Humanities 1 and 2 series.
    • Gabriel '23's post from People Places Pines, our admissions office blog, detailing how his experience in Linguistics rewarded him with exposure to a bunch of different subject areas.
  • Check out