Have a budding interest in the arts and humanities, a fascination with the intersection of energy and society, or a passion for languages and global learning? If so, join us this summer for an academic open house hosted by the Dartmouth College Office.

Each academic open house is a specialized immersive campus visit day that offers a glimpse of how different disciplines are explored at Dartmouth. We’re thrilled to announce the following academic open houses this summer:

Friday, July 12:

Energy and Society Open House

Future energy systems will need to be more sustainable and more affordable than their predecessors, and also more resilient to challenges posed by changing weather and climate patterns. And they’ll need to achieve these specific improvements across broadly variant cultural contexts. This open house will offer students a look at how Dartmouth prepares students to take on these challenges.


Friday, July 19:

Beyond Study Abroad: Global Learning and Languages Open House

Fluency isn’t just an achievement at Dartmouth; it’s a lens that students use to look at the world. Language fluency enables unparalleled understanding of places and cultures, and cultural fluency allows students to explore issues and solve problems with a meaningful awareness of their context. This open house will show students the breadth, depth, and power of Dartmouth’s global learning and language opportunities.


Monday, July 22:

Arts and Humanities Open House

The humanities aren’t just studied at Dartmouth; they’re lived. Together, our faculty and students pioneer new ways of interpreting our world through language, literature, and the arts. And in doing so, they discover perspectives on themselves and the world that are powerful enough to change both. This open house will share a few of the ways Dartmouth students engage with the arts and humanities.


During each open house, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Hear from Dartmouth’s scholars who teach: faculty who are leaders in their fields, experts in the news, and mentors in our classrooms.
  • Participate in breakout sessions that empower you to explore favorite topics in ways you may have never considered, discover new ones, and learn to look and listen with fresh intent.
  • Enjoy lunch at Dartmouth’s Class of 1953 Commons and talk with faculty, staff, and students about their academic and personal experiences on campus.
  • Round out your day with a campus tour and optional Q&A with our admissions and financial aid staff.

In keeping with Dartmouth’s small, close-knit community, attendance at open houses will be kept low to ensure each participant has a hands-on experience. Sign up early.

As many of the day’s events will take place all around campus, we encourage you to wear clothing and shoes that would be appropriate for a walking tour of campus.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Dartmouth’s academic calendar operates year-round, and the admissions office will be offering a full slate of visitor programming throughout the summer. If none of these open house dates work for you, check out our regular campus visit programming.