House communities explore pressing social challenges through alternative spring break trips

The Dartmouth Center for Social Impact is partnering with housing communities to launch house-based Alternative Spring Break programs. This year Allen and East Wheelock houses will pilot programs that have been intentionally designed to explore pressing social challenges that are meaningful to members of each housing community. Allen House members will head to New Orleans, Louisiana to study the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the levee breaches in the city’s Lower Ninth Ward. Trip participants will work with the organization to restore homes in the Lower Ninth Ward, while also spending intentional time together exploring how place and inequality are related to the lasting effects of the storm. East Wheelock House members with travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico to explore the politics and policy of climate change, particularly in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Working with The Resilience Fund, students will directly serve a specific farming project related to renewable energy and sustainable farming. Additionally, students will spend time learning about the impact the hurricane had on environmental and urban development, community connections, and the relationship between Puerto Rico and the mainland United States.