Summer Term for College Students

Dartmouth offers students currently attending undergraduate programs at other colleges the opportunity to take one, two, or three courses during the summer term.

Application & Information

Please view the 2017 Summer Term for College Students Booklet, which describes the educational experience, lists our application deadlines, and provides detailed information about studying on campus in the summer. Once you have decided to apply, please download the 4 PDFs of the required application forms, print them, fill out the information requested, and mail the completed forms, along with your application fee, to the address provided on the forms. 

Application Forms

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2017 program. The application for the 2018 program will be available in late spring of 2018.

  1. College/University Transcript
  2. Dean’s Evaluation
  3. Faculty Evaluation

* Please note that this program is not available to high school students or to college graduates.

* Students enrolling for the summer term at Dartmouth may apply for on-campus housing after they have received notification of their admission. 

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