#Dartmouth22s Selfie Challenge

To welcome the newest class to Dartmouth, we've come up with a little selfie challenge to take in and share the Dartmouth spirit.  To participate, simply post a selfie with any of these ~22~ things with the #Dartmouth22s to your Instagram story or as a regular Insta post. You should be able to do most of these here in Hanover, or anywhere in the world! 

  1. You in Dartmouth apparel 
  2. The BEMA -- or any Big Empty Meeting Area!
  3. A People Places Pines blogger
  4. Dog(s) of Dartmouth
  5. Recreate one of the 3D covers
  6. Your favorite green spot
  7. An Admissions Officer or Financial Aid Counselor
  8. In front of a landmark or sign in your town while wearing a Dartmouth shirt/sweatshirt/hat/etc.
  9. Your favorite 3D article
  10. Occum Pond
  11. An alum
  12. A book by a Dartmouth professor or alum
  13. A fellow future '22
  14. A sports venue where Dartmouth has played
  15. On a hike
  16. A place to eat in/around Hanover
  17. Traveling to Dartmouth
  18. The Connecticut River or river of your choosing
  19. The biggest tree you can find
  20. Your future study spot
  21. With someone who wrote you a recommendation (teacher, guidance counselor, peer, etc.)
  22. Feeling '22

By posting your photo with the #Dartmouth22s, know that we may end up sharing your photo on our social media or other admissions communications! How cool would that be?