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I was one of those kids who thought "back to school" should count as my favorite holiday—the new teachers, the mystery of who you'd sit next to in class, and of course the intoxicating smell of fresh school supplies and books, what could possibly be better? Back to school means something a little different to me these days, as I hit the road for high schools around the country to meet students (you!) who might be interested in joining the Dartmouth community. As my colleagues and I prepare to bid Hanover a fond farewell for a few months, I asked them what questions they love being asked when they're doing high school visits — or what they wish they were asked more. Here's what they said:

  • I love when students are candid with me about their college search process. For example, if you think the cold weather might be for you, but you’re not sure because you’re from a warmer climate and have never seen snow, let’s chat about it! This process is all about learning what school will be the best fit for you, and learning comes from asking questions! -Elkie Vandenbeemt

  • The best question I've been asked is, "What changes will Dartmouth be going through in the four years that I am there?" -Eric Ahlstrand

  • “If a Dartmouth student saw someone struggling with a broken bike on the sidewalk, what would they do?” During a college fair, a student came up and asked me this question based on a real-life experience of theirs and I thought it was an amazing question because it addresses campus culture in a unique way. My answer was that a Dartmouth student would stop what they were doing and help them out, and because this is Dartmouth, they might be able to fix the bike too! -Angie Estevez Prada

  • I love it when students ask the question: “How would you describe what makes Dartmouth students unique?” because it enables me to talk about the adventuresome spirit of the community. I also like when students ask about political engagement on campus because I think there is a unique kind of engagement in New Hampshire that may not be nationally recognized (for more, see our newest issue of 3D). -Greg Manne

  • My favorite question was "What was your favorite moment at Dartmouth?" It’s a little different than my favorite thing about the College (which is pretty frequently asked), but I think that sometimes the biggest things you take away from your four years here are small moments or sensations that mean a lot for me to be able to share. -Jade McLaughlin '17

  • “Why was the College founded?” “What made you want to work at Dartmouth?” -Daniel Dickey

  • I always appreciate it when people ask about diversity on campus. One of the primary advantages of attending a global school is the opportunity to learn from people from all different walks of life, coming from across the country and globe with wildly different experiences. The ability to learn from peers should be high on people’s college checklists. -Hayden Lizotte

  • Ask me: how will Dartmouth help me be the best version of me so I can be of service for others? -Belinda Chiu '94

  • "I'm already a typically anxious teen. How then do I handle the noise of seemingly everyone in my town giving me conflicting advice about my college list?" -Jim Washington Jr.

  • You probably could have Googled yes or no questions along the lines of “Do you have ______?” (fill in major, club, food, here), so I love when students have done a little research and are able to ask questions that help them understand how Dartmouth might fit them and vice versa. -Vanessa Pius

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