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I am writing this blog post as I finish up Week 2 of my winter term! This week was wonderful, I got to eat a ton of good food, meet up with old friends, and learn a ton in my classes. In terms of classes, I would say that my toughest class thus far has to be ECON 20: Econometrics. I am learning so much and being challenged tremendously. I am really grateful for this opportunity for growth and development given this class is teaching me imperative skills that will help me with economics research such as understanding the intricacies of STATA. 

In terms of food, my favorite spot to eat at has to be Lou's; their blueberry pancakes are the best thing in Hanover! I really love their food. Food definitely has to be one of my highlights of the week. Anyways, I really am loving the winter term thus far. There hasn't been a lot of snow coming down, but winter is coming. We expect the first snowball fight to happen next week, which is something I am definitely looking forward to! I am spending most of my time taking care of myself and completing my tasks for the day. I would say what really helps me stay organized is maintaining a schedule that serves as my outline for the day and sleeping at the same time each night. I am still learning to be more productive, but I am happy with all of my progress thus far. 

A goal I have this term is to live in the moment and take advantage of the memories available here. My goal this term is to begin doing research in the Economics department to prepare me for my academic goal of writing a thesis by the end of my Dartmouth journey. I am so excited for the upcoming weeks of my winter term! I will make sure to update you all on my life next week! Until then! :)

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