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I am writing this blog post at the midpoint of my winter term. I want to utilize this blog as a form of reflection for my time thus far. I hope to provide context for my Dartmouth experience to future classes and prospective students that plan on applying to Dartmouth.

A little bit about me, I am from Southern California and this is my second winter in Hanover. Personally, I really like the cold and love the snow. I never got to experience this type of weather back home. As much as I really love the winter season, it does get bitterly cold. A couple of days ago we experienced a polar vortex, the wind was really strong. I think that was the most intense the weather got this term. 

This term is very different compared to my last winter term. The weather has been neurotic, and at times felt like Spring. Nevertheless, the weather this year has only revealed that climate change is a pressing issue. Personally, my favorite thing from the wintertime is Novack's hot chocolate and watching movies in the Nugget Theater. This term has been a lot for me, both personally, mentally, and academically. I have been challenged a ton and have made time to put myself first. For context, the terms at Dartmouth go by very quickly in ten weeks, so it's really imperative that you don't fall behind and catch up with the speed of things here. With busy times comes the necessity of taking care of oneself. I enjoy looking at the snowmen on campus and the snow sculptures that were created a couple of days ago. 

Nevertheless, I hope my blog post provided some insight into my winter term so far. I will make sure to update you all next week. Until then! :)

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