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I am writing this blog post as I enter the winterim period. At Dartmouth, you have a six-week break after your fall term. I am spending my time in Hanover and spending time with my friend, Sherry '24. The campus is kinda empty because everyone has gone home for the break to enjoy the holidays with their families. 

Nevertheless, we are exploring Hanover and taking the local public transit to West Lebanon to explore life outside of Dartmouth College. An adventure that was noteworthy was when we went to a local pet store which was awesome because I saw a ton of little fish and little chinchillas. Afterwards, we explored Target and got a ton of snacks. I got a ton of food. Personally, I love the pretzels, cranberry juice, and fruit snacks that they have in stock at that specific Target location.

After our ambitious adventure, we went on the bus and headed back to Hanover. I would say that this experience was wonderful. It was a nice feeling to explore different places and meet new people in the greater Upper Valley community. I have never been on the public transit before this experience because during the term I never really had the time to leave campus. FYI, it usually takes 2x the time to get to your location via the public transit system, so make sure to plan accordingly and to account for that longer time frame. 

I want to note that Hanover during the winteirm is really beautiful and ominous. It gets cold, but warm when with others. I love spending time watching Netflix and taking a break from the previous term. I am grateful for my friends during the winterim and using this time to continue to explore myself and the world around me! Until next week! :)

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