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I am writing this blog post as I finish up my third week of the fall term as a sophomore. This term has been very busy and filled with so many fun and exciting memories from designing prototypes of carrying devices to reading about ancient Russian incantations. I want to utilize this blog post as a place for reflection after the many experiences that I have lived through during my sophomore year at the College and mainly focus on this past week. Firstly, I am really grateful for my friends and the support system that I have cultivated thus far in my Dartmouth career. Personally, the campus is very welcoming and every time I go somewhere I always run into people that I know. I truly love this aspect of Dartmouth and the interpersonal relationships that are created given the small size of our community. 

Moreover, this past weekend my friends and I rented a car to travel to Lebanon. We got a ton of snacks from BJ's, Target, Walmart, and got Five Guys afterward. The entire run lasted four hours, but it was the highlight of my weekend given my very busy workload in the previous week (I really needed this, lol). I am so lucky and grateful to have friends that really care about me and will always support me. 

Also, this week was filled with transformational foliage, the trees are truly so beautiful. The foliage is my favorite part of the fall term. My personal favorite thing to do right now during my free time is laying on the leaves and watching them fall down. Altogether, this week was filled with so many meaningful memories and moments and I will make sure to update you all on next week's adventures. Thank you for reading my reflection post and I am very excited to write another blog post next week! Bye! :)

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