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I am writing this blog post as I enter week 9. I have a lot to update you all! Firstly, the most important update is that last night my friend, Sherry '24, named me as the Godfather to Rory, a one-year-old beta fish. His full name is Aurora, and we have derived his name to be Rory for simplicity and uniqueness. He currently resides in Topliff and lives in a 10-gallon water tank. We are currently training him to eat his food. He has a leaf for a bed, but never sleeps in it. We are trying to put his food on the leaf to train him to use it as a space for relaxation. 

Rory enjoying life

I will be taking care of Rory for all of the Winterim. I will be staying on campus during the 6-week break and working with Tuck Advisors, an investment bank that helps entrepreneurs sell their companies. I am really excited about this new chapter in my life and getting to experience new journeys that I want to explore. I am ecstatic to learn a ton from this experience and grow over the break. This time during Winterim will be a new step forward in my journey of self-development. I promised myself at the beginning of the term to not return back home during the break because I want to put myself first and continue to grow on my own self-development as I enter adulthood. 

Altogether, I am very happy with my decision and I know that I am making the right choices to better myself. Most importantly, I am very grateful to be Rory's Godfather and will be taking good care of him during the Winterim. I will update you all on my life updates as I finish up the fall term (it's already week 9, ahh). Until next week! :)

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