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Dartmouth runs on a quarter system, meaning that there are four terms in one academic school year. When you enter the College, your first term will occur during the fall season, which will last 10 weeks. As a first-year student, you are required to take classes on campus for the fall, winter, and spring terms. You can be "off" for the summer term, after your first year. However, you are required to be "on" for the summer term, after your second year. In a term, you typically take three courses. Each course will either occur on Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday. You will have plenty of time to meet up with your deans, potential professors, older peers, etc. to craft your schedule.

Please note that as you enter your first term at Dartmouth, you will transition into an entirely new landscape. However, there will be support and resources available to ensure that you are successful. Take advantage of the many opportunities here on campus, and take classes because you want to genuinely learn. Don't take classes because they only meet distributive or world culture requirements. Also, academics at Dartmouth are very rigorous and fast-paced; make sure to note that you will learn a lot. Try to make an effort to meet and talk with your professors, as they are here to help you and ensure that you are successful in their classes. Some advice I have for incoming first-years is to note that time is money. Make sure to not stretch yourself too thin, and to pursue activities that you are genuinely passionate about. During my fall term, I took a lot of risks and solidified my daily schedule to ensure that I had enough time for myself.

You still have a lot of time to figure out what you want to pursue at the College, so take your time and live in the moment. Congratulations on your admission to the College! Welcome home, '26s!

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