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The autumn leaves are falling, their brilliant colors fill the campus with life and wonder. For me, these leaves symbolize the changing of our time. My Dartmouth experience has consisted of rewarding myself with daily hot chocolates from our Novack Cafe, and the occasional chocolate pastry.

pics of cute chickens
Here at Dartmouth, we just completed Week 5 of the Fall Term. This week tends to be filled with midterms and presentations, there was an animal zoo and I got a snapshot of these cute chickens!

It is quite beautiful to reflect on my being and how much I have traveled to become the person that I am today. All my classes at Dartmouth have cultivated me into a more confident, happier, and genuine human being. They are all rigorous, fast-paced, and awe-inspiring. I have been able to manage the hours of the day by creating a precise schedule that ensures that I am on top of everything that I need to accomplish for every day of the week. From the fascinating problem sets in Economics 1 to the many meetings and commitments I have. I have never felt happier, as I have been focusing on myself and making myself a better person each and every day. Dartmouth's amazing opportunities and resources have given me a platform to be involved within the Dartmouth community, and even in the vibrant Upper Valley communities!

adorbale goose
Here is an amazing picture of a goose!

I am now going to talk about my social life at Dartmouth. However, before I do, I will write about the past me. In the past, I have struggled with finding "true friends" that wanted me for me. I often felt scrutinized and judged by people that created a false image of me. I often questioned if I was deserving of "friends". However, at Dartmouth, for the very little time that I have been here, I have finally found my community. I have met some of the kindest, smartest, and most genuine people in my entire life. The bonds that I have created are relationships that I will hold very close to my heart for the rest of my life.

ari and i
Ari and I walking to Baker-Berry Library!

Just recently, I went roller skating and was about to fall onto the cold wooden surface. However, at that moment, an older Dartmouth student caught me and told me that she wasn't going to let me fall. Moments like these are what truly make me grateful for Dartmouth's caring and loving community. I never got to ask for her name, so if you're reading this, I love and appreciate you!

pic of berry
Here is our Baker-Berry Library in the Fall!

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