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As Winterim comes to an end, I am very excited to come back to campus. I miss my friends a lot and am so excited for my Winter term courses. I feel ready and hope to meet more people and experience life in the snow.

I am setting goals for myself and am giving myself grace. I have been writing in my gratitude journal every day and am practicing meditation. I tend to overthink things and need to understand that my happiness needs to be my top priority. I have surrounded myself with kind people and am grateful for them. I hope to cultivate my friendships and relationships with my peers, professors, and community. 

Another goal I have for my Winter term is to seek help when I need it. Whether that means going to Professors for guidance or seeking support from close friends. Dartmouth has many resources that are available to its students, such as the Academic Skills Center, Center for Professional Development, Dartmouth Center for Social Impact, Dick's House, and the Office of Pluralism & Leadership. 

I hope prospective students note that Dartmouth will always support you and ensure that you are your happiest self. There are so many things to do on campus during the Winter ranging from snowball fights to indoor movies with friends (and hot chocolate). 

Furthermore, I am so excited to do research this Winter term on Indigenous Migrant Language Rights, and I will definitely write about my progress in a future blog post. I am so passionate about this project and can't wait to begin working on it. I am going to be working with a small cohort of students in The Dartmouth Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration, and Sexuality (RMS). RMS is an interdisciplinary research initiative that aims to deepen analyses of worlds and works. 

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