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I am writing this article on Week 10 of the Fall Term; this week commences the ending of the beginning. I am now reflecting on my classes and the experiences that I lived this term. 

Currently, I am finishing up a research paper about the educational inequities in the school system in Los Angeles and a final project about Rich Latina Perspectives in the United States and in Peru. 

Now, I am preparing for my Economics Final and am spending the next couple of days reviewing all my notes and going to Office Hours to get my questions answered about the material that will be tested. Office Hours are held by faculty a couple of times per week at specific times where students can go to Professors for help and guidance regarding class material or anything. 

As I reflect, I want to begin by acknowledging everything that happened this term. My classes were truly amazing, as I learned so much. I won't ever forget the professors that I had this term and their impact on my life, especially my Economics professor. She is truly remarkable and was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I am lucky to have taken her course because I learned so much and have a new perspective on the world. 

Furthermore, I want to talk about the friends that I met this term. I met so many people from across the world and learned about their beautiful and unique stories, specifically where they came from, and their passions in life. 

My friend and I studying in Baker-Berry Library! :)

I love going to Baker-Berry Library to complete my assignments and use the space to catch up with friends and learn from them. Prospective students should know that Dartmouth is a loving and caring community, everyone wants to help each other succeed. I remember in my class; I was unsure of a question from the problem set. Then, a student in my class walked me through every step and took the time to make sure that I understood the material. Moments like these make me love the people and very appreciative of the kindness of others. In closing, my freshman fall was filled with so many memories that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. See ya'll in the Winter Term! :)

Baker-Berry's beauty shifting as Winter arrives.



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