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Baker Tower

Spring is here!

That means warmer weather (always a treat!), longer days, and for most first-years, the home stretch before we conclude our first year at Dartmouth! It’s simply amazing how time flies… it seems not so long ago that I was hiking the woods of New Hampshire on my first year DOC trip, signing up for my first classes, and enjoying the beautiful fall foliage. 

So as we say goodbye to our weekly trips to Dartmouth’s ski-way and the beautiful snow, we find ourselves playing catch-ball on the Green:

Well, not fully green yet (taken late March) but it will be very soon!

Some things never change… like the weekly laundry runs!

last-minute laundry runs with my floormate!

The clubs and extracurricular meetings…

The first Student Assembly meeting of the term! Check out ways to get involved in student government on campus here:

The discussions and homework sessions in the floor common rooms...

Discussions and debates abound.

... and of course, the amazing floormates and Undergraduate Advisors that welcome you back home every day! 

Reunited with Namrata, my favorite UGA who took an off-term this winter! And of course, Dave, the father of the floor. :)

The occasional brunch at the Pine Restaurant…

The Pine Brunch Burgers are an absolute gem

And of course, the squeeze of 19S classes…

Feat. Will Reicher '22

as seen through (sometimes) long nights in one of Dartmouth's many beautiful libraries:

Sanborn Library is my favorite place to study on campus --- bring your readings, snuggle in a plush sofa under the warm ambience, and... you may find yourself lulled into a mid-afternoon nap.

But some things do change, like our beautiful campus that grows greener every day….

Tuck Mall from Baker Tower


….Ready to welcome what I think is the most wonderful change of all:

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