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Casual Thursday Zoom

Even though I have been staying busy with Zoom classes, Facetiming friends, and hanging out with my family here, I noticed that one big thing was missing; performing! I had been used to performing about once a week with my improv group Casual Thursday during the term, and being in quarantine, up until a few weeks ago, meant that I didn't have that luxury. Not only does performing allow me to share my comedy with my friends, it is just, in general, a great time! After talking with our new improv president for a while, we decided that we would do a Zoom show. It would be almost exactly like a regular show, just with particular games that are better suited virtually so that we wouldn't talk over each other and could accommodate some of the lack of physicality that is hard to communicate over video.

I wasn't totally sure how many people would come, it seemed kinda far fetched that we could get similar sized crowds to the ones we get on campus. Luckily, we were proven wrong and it almost 60 people showed up to watch us make jokes and laugh with each other. I think that especially now, people just want life to feel as normal as possible, and going to a Casual Thursday show on a random Thursday during the term is something that would be a lot of people's "normal".

While it sucks to be away from the people I love, connecting with them through things that we both like, like comedy and humor, make this all a little bit easier. Next time maybe I will see if we can send the Zoom link out to potential students! In the meantime, Saturday Night Live has also been doing shows from home, so you can basically see what its like to be at a Casual Thursday show ;).

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