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How do you deal with the snow and the cold?

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Okay, I have to admit that whether living in Hawai'i has inspired my love for warmth and the sun or it's just an upside that I live there, I tend to gravitate toward warm places. At this point you might be asking yourself; then why Dartmouth, a place where it can snow from October-May? Well, quite honestly, Hanover is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life, and I have adjusted to the weather quite nicely. From experiencing my first fall foliage, to the flurries of winter snow, and the hot days capped with swimming and popsicles, Hanover has it all. Don't get me wrong, Hawai'i is beautiful, but it doesn't hold a candle to the range of seasons I have experienced at Dartmouth. This week I want to highlight some of my favorite parts about the weather of this tiny New-England town. 

Starting with the fall, it tends to speak for itself with its beauty. Crisp cold fall mornings with frost on the ground and a latte in my hand make me feel exceedingly collegial. There's something about sitting in a warm classroom while the leaves are coaxed out of the trees by a cold autumn breeze. Running in the fall is just about the best it gets all year, because its just warm enough that you can still go out in a t-shirt and shorts but cold enough to push you hard enough to stay warm. Fall also tends to be "tradition" season around here, with the homecoming bonfire, the annual first snow snow-ball fight, and celebrations of winter holidays before we head home for the Winter Break. 

Interestingly enough, I have only been at Dartmouth for one winter so far. Due to a study abroad program I did my freshman year, it has just so happened (and with a little bit of luck and planning on my end) that I have gotten to spend the coldest months of the year at home in Kona. My freshman winter was marked by lots of lots of snow, cuddling up by fires, and learning how to ice-skate! Luckily for us, the first snow usually happens a couple weeks before the end of the Winter, so I have still gotten to appreciate it before I head home. One of the coolest things that I associate with winter is the ability to take time off from Dartmouth when it makes sense for you personally. Being off in the winter has allowed me to be home for the birth of my youngest niece, get internships that are uber-competitive (because other colleges are still in session), and helped me get my dose of Vitamin D. 

While I love fall and winter, spring and summer are probably my favorite times at Dartmouth. I love watching the buds come to the trees in the spring and celebrating the end of a long winter with our annual Green Key concert. My first concert was actually at Dartmouth, and it was headlined my freshman year by Sage the Gemini. If you think the winter in Hanover is beautiful, you should make an effort to come up during the summer. Hanover comes to life with beautiful days and warm summer nights marked with stargazing on the golf-course and smores by the fire. My favorite part about Sophomore Summer was being able to head to the river right after class and take a dip, retreating to the docks to lay in the sun and warm up right after. 

Hanover has plenty of good weather, and although it can be hard to try and get used to the new climate in a lot of different ways; everyone is going through the same thing. Even my friends from Boston have to get used to the large amount of snow we get up here, or my friends from Seattle have to get used to the hot and humid summer conditions. As far as winter is concerned, a cup of hot chocolate and a nice warm winter coat can get me through, but ultimately the beauty of the season outweighs minimal costs. 

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