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What is the social life like on campus?

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When I was heading into Dartmouth, one of the things that I was most afraid to ask about but most curious to learn about was social life, parties, and what students did for fun! It can be a lot to have to think about starting an entirely new academic journey, let alone making new friends and figuring out what to do outside of classes. 

My first "social" group was actual my improv group, Casual Thursday! In addition to rehearsing and doing improv, we would go out to meals, watch movies, and hang out to get to know each other better. A lot of times, money that we made from performances would cover these outings, so we wouldn't have to pay a cent. We even rented a karaoke machine and did karaoke last year, and whenever we get new members we make sure to throw a big party to welcome them.

Secondly, my fraternity has been a big social avenue for me. Not only have I been able to meet people and make friends from London to South Korea, but we spend plenty of time having barbeques, playing IM sports, or dancing to DJ parties. You don't have to rush if you want to be a part of the Greek community, though, because any Dartmouth student can go to any Greek event that is open to campus! Having the ability to choose whether you want to be a member or just go to events makes it super inclusive to whatever kind of social event you are looking forward to. 

Lastly, the Collis Center and the Office of Student Life throw different events all the time! One of my favorites events featured going into a giant hamster ball and playing soccer against other students. They turn our great hall into a skating rink, host free movies on the lawn, and have pottery painting events. Some are more mindful and focused on reflection while other events are all about meeting new people. 

No matter what kind of social scene you are looking for, Dartmouth has plenty to offer, from huge DJ parties to potter painting with your friends. I know that it can be overwhelming to think about, but know that if I just had the courage to ask somebody I would have felt a lot more confident going in. Nevertheless, I have been around the block a few times and hopefully these suggestions can help you find some ways to relax after class!

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