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Growing up sandwiched between coffee farms and a mom who started every day with a fresh cup, it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment when I fell in love with coffee. Aside from it being a huge part of my home and hometown, coffee is simply an amazingly versatile and interesting drink. That is why I have decided to break down a few coffee options on campus and give you a quick view of each of our dining halls and my favorite things to get at each one!

Novack Cafe;

Alright, Novack is one of the most underrated and underutilized dining options on campus. Located on the first floor of the main library, Novack has some really great options for any time of day. Breakfast sandwiches, regular sandwiches, protein bars, sushi, you name it and I’m sure Novack has it. My favorite coffee drink at Novack is actually not coffee at all, but chocolate covered espresso beans. They are so tasty and very addicting, so I try to limit myself to only getting them a couple times a term. Overall, I think Novack is a solid spot to get some grab and go food before class or on the way to a meeting.

King Arthur Flour Cafe;

Also located in the library, King Arthur Flour (or KAF for short), is your typical coffee shop. From lattes to cappuccino, iced tea to lemonade, KAF has got you covered for your drink needs. I almost always start my day with a vanilla soy latte, in fact, I am drinking one right now! KAF is also a very nice study spot, with lots of big tables and a very relaxed atmosphere that makes it perfect for working on group projects or just grabbing coffee to catch up with someone! While KAF has some great drinks if you want a little bit more food you’re going to have to head to our main dining hall.

Class of 1953 Commons;

Before I tell you anything about this dining hall, I should mention that 99% of current students at Dartmouth refer to the class of ‘53 commons as “Foco,” short for Food Court. It’s a very apt name given the fact that Foco has the most food in one singular building that I have ever seen. If you aren’t satiated by the full-service cereal bar with 10+ different kinds of cereal, you can head over to the pizza station where the built-in pizza oven cranks out 6 different kinds of pizza a day. Before I came to Dartmouth, I was a vegetarian and I was really concerned about finding dining options that were going to give me the nutrition I needed for my diet. At Foco, in addition to having many vegetarian options, there is a full-service vegan counter with dishes like mushroom and cheese enchiladas and faux-sausage filled squash, just to name a few of my favorites. It’s really nice that I don’t have to go out of my way to eat healthily or accommodate my diet at Foco, just because of the sheer number of options made by the wonderful dining staff. As for coffee, Foco has about 6 blends on any given day of all you can drink coffee, the perfect place to settle down and do some work for a couple hours or just have a cup with dinner!

Even if you don’t like coffee, Dartmouth has a wide variety of dining options, especially for a small school. Food was always something that brought my family and friends together as a kid, so it means a lot that Dartmouth has made a conscious effort to try and inspire the same feeling in students. I know that I can leave my room and go to Foco or Kaf and just run into someone I know on the way and catch up, or ask them if they want to sit down and eat together. Definitely try one of these or the other on-campus dining options when you come up and visit, you won’t be disappointed!

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