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Going through my camera roll recently, I was a little amazed at everything I had packed into this last week(ish) on campus. Although it felt just like any other week, and in almost every degree it was, it helped me realize just how amazing the opportunities here for any number of interests can be. I decided to share a few pictures and stories from this past week which happened to be, believe it or not, just another week for me at Dartmouth. 

Margret Atwood
My week really ramped up on Tuesday, when after class I attended a lecture by author and should be comedian Margret Atwood. Famous for her book "The Handmaids Tale" which is now a popular mini-series on Hulu, her talk was sponsored by the Dartmouth Ethics Institute and focused on ethics in the modern age. She used her incredulous wit to bring many issues to light, while also giving us several glimmers of hope for the future.

Dance Nation
On Saturday, I decided to go to a staged reading of the controversial modern play "Dance Nation" which chronicles the lives of several young student dancers and their dreams. A totally student produced, directed, and run show, watching my friends create such an amazing piece of theater was a great weekend treat. Opportunities like this are open to all students, not just those who study or are interested in theater, and the department puts on very formal and well developed productions.

Kamala Harris
A week after seeing Margret Atwood from the back of an about 1000 seat auditorium, I got to be front and center to see U.S Democratic Primary and Presidential candidate Kamala Harris come to campus. She spoke on many issues, but followed a platform of "speaking truth" and being honest with the American people. Having the chance to not only see her speak, she opened up the floor to student questions and was thoughtful and measured in her responses.

The thing that really strikes me about weeks like this is you could take just about any Dartmouth student and any week during the term, and they would have just as interesting (if not more) stories to tell you. Who knows what will happen this week for me at Dartmouth!

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