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Ravine Lodge

This summer I decided to take a different approach to the usual "internship" search and work in a place that didn't even have Wifi. That's right, this summer I was (mostly) off the grid working at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge! The Lodge is Dartmouth's very own rustic mountain lodge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (just a couple hours from campus) that is open for guests and students most of the year! June through August, I learned how to navigate the trails of the Mountain like the back of my hand (and run most of them more than 50 times), I learned how to cook 5-course meals including fresh-baked bread, and made some friends that I will have for the rest of my life. The Lodge is such a beautiful place that I only thought it appropriate to share my summer through a photo-essay this week! 

Moosilauke Friends
One of the best parts of working on a mountain is being close with the 5-10 other people who are there with you! Our group got really close really fast, which included a lot of sunset watching from the porch.

Secret Cinnamon Rolls!
You can't talk about the Lodge without talking about the FOOD! We learned how to make some amazing dishes, but one of my favorites was making a traditional family cinnamon roll recipe for breakfast my last morning as chef.
Pizza Lodge
Oh, and how could I forget that time I used the pizza oven to make fresh mushroom and spinach flatbread?

Alice Grayce Simon
Last but not least, I couldn't spend the summer in the White Mountains without climbing some of them! By the end of the summer, I ended up climbing more than 10 4,000 foot mountains with some amazing Lodge company, pictured here on Franconia Ridge.

If you get the chance, check out the Lodge! It has easily become one of my favorite parts of Dartmouth, and I wouldn't say any visit to campus is complete without seeing it. 

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