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As senior year begins and as my time as an undergraduate at Dartmouth comes to a close, people begin to gingerly tip-toe around the question of asking me what my post-Dartmouth plans include. Jobs, grad schools, non-profits and more, there are so many options for students post-Dartmouth that sometimes it's overwhelming even navigating the chances available to me. That being said, this week I wanted to highlight a few of the opportunities that I have had during my time here and what I am planning to do in the near future, post-graduation! Many of you might just be beginning to look at colleges, but that's where I was just 3 years ago, and now I can't wait to see the ways Dartmouth has shaped my future.

My first, maybe obvious, post-Dartmouth plan was to go to law school. I have studied the intersection of law-making and governments since my first class at Dartmouth, Political Ideas, and I have dreamed about going to law school for almost as long as I dreamed of going to Dartmouth. For better or worse, this summer while I was studying for the LSAT, I decided not to take it and to delay my application cycle for at least a year. I realized that there was no rush for me to go straight from one challenging school to another, and although Dartmouth has tons of pre-law advising resources, such as law school visits, guest lecturers, classes, and practice LSATs, I decided that for me it was best to wait and to look into other opportunities. 

One area of potential work that came out of nowhere to me was jobs in the education sector. I had never really considered teaching in high school or as an undergrad, but during breaks and visits back home and conversations with an upperclassman, I realized that teaching was a fantastic way to give back to local communities. I have looked into a few different ways as to how to do this, and am happy to have a few offers and a few applications still up in the air! Teaching would be a fantastic way to not only continue to develop my own education but to use what I have learned at Dartmouth to pass on quality teaching to other students. 

In addition to these sorts of jobs, I have looked at everything from consulting and banking, to environmental stewardship and becoming a zookeeper. Dartmouth has so many resources to help you post-graduation, whether or not you want to get a Fulbright and change the world or just want to get a great job and change your own life! Seeing what all of my friends are planning and starting to figure out my own plans as well has been so exciting, and I can;t wait to see where the hill winds take me. 

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