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Quechee Gorge

Over Memorial Day, I figured that since the weather was so nice, and we had a break from classes for the day I would try and plan a last minute adventure to get off campus and stretch my legs. Some of my friends and I decided to spend the day at the Quechee Gorge in Vermont, and it ended up being a great break from finals! We went wine and cheese tasting, hiked around the Gorge, got some amazing traditional diner food, and overall had a great day hanging out together. I thought for this week I would share some pictures of our trip, hope you enjoy!

Quechee Gorge
This is the beautiful view from the Quechee Gorge Bridge which overlooks the Gorge itself. There is a walkway across the bridge so that pedestrians can stand and marvel at the beauty of the surrounding forrest and river. My friends and I watched a duck try and swim up-river for about half an hour just enjoying the sunlight and the warm weather.

This beautiful Bear-Chair was inside of an antique shop right above the Gorge. There were candy shops, a wine and cheese store, and even an alpaca rescue and store! My friend Malcolm and I could not resist posing for a quick picture before heading back outside.

Quechee Dam
The Quechee Gorge Dam was part of the area that I had not seen before, but also a beautiful attraction to look at. We found out that the Dam actually produces electricity for the village and the few store around the Gorge, which of course made the sustainability minor in me happy.

I don't get to get off campus every week, even most weeks actually, but when I do I make sure to savor the break and appreciate the environment outside of Dartmouth. Especially in the spring, there are so many beautiful attractions in New Hampshire and Vermont to visit, and a sunny Memorial Day is the perfect chance to do so.  

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