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Who is your favorite professor at Dartmouth and why?

A: shuyi

Ever since my freshman fall, it seems like I have a new favorite professor after every term. I thought it would be interesting to sit down and reflect: if I had to pick one favorite professor, who would it be? 

The first Professor that comes to mind is Professor Laurens Debo from Tuck, who I haven't taken a single class with. Instead, I met him through TuckLAB, a business program open to all Dartmouth students. After finding his lecture from TuckLAB extremely interesting, I reached out to to ask if I could assist him with any research.  To my surprise, he gladly took me on board and I've been working with him ever since. What I love about Professor Debo is that he trusts me to do meaningful work and voice my opinions to the group. It's been great to apply the skills I learn into the classroom, and his support and enthusiasm for my work has definitely done a lot for my confidence. Working with Professor Debo has allowed me develop new skills, conduct research relevant to my interests, and meet some very interesting people! 

Next, a professor that always comes to mind is the one who taught my favorite class (my First-Year Seminar): Professor Michael Lurie from the Classics Department. The material from my first-year seminar was very interesting and led to some big picture discussions, but it was only brought to life because of Professor Lurie's passion for the subject. What I remember most about Professor Lurie is his constantly waving arms, impassioned lectures, and how he would always invite students to talk further after or before class. I've told all my friends about Professor Lurie's class, because not only did the course material change my life perspectives, but also because of how fun Professor Lurie made each class. 

My final nomination for my favorite professor is Professor Adedoyin Ogunfeyimi, who was one of the first professors I've had at Dartmouth. I remember that adjusting to college was at times a scary and hard process, but having Professor Ogunfyimi as a professor and friend made the transition so much easier. Professor Ogunfeyimi not only made himself available to discuss the class during his free time (like most Dartmouth professors do), but he was also available as a friend and mentor. During class, Professor Ogunfeyimi would often joke around with students and share his own personal stories. In fact, he brought in food from his native home towards the end of the term, which allowed the whole class to get to know each other so much more! Having that support group really helped my transition, and I still keep in touch with Professor Ogunfeyimi to this day. 

So, who's my favorite professor? It's hard to say, as while Professor Debo has allowed me to develop professionally and spend my free time pursuing my interests, Professor Lurie introduced me to a new academic subject and developed not only my academic skills but also my life perspectives. Of course, I also have to consider Professor Ogunfeyimi, who through my time at Dartmouth has become not only one of my favorite professors but a great friend and mentor. Finally, there are so many other professors who I haven't mentioned. Although the virtual environment has made it harder to form the same relationships, I'm still regularly amazed by the dedication and support professors give to their students. Upon reflection, it was so hard to pick only three professors to highlight that I can't pick a favorite! I hope you're satisfied with a top three. 

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