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One of my favorite places to study is the first floor of Berry Library, a central place on campus that is close to everything (dining halls, classroom buildings, and student housing!). It is commonly known as FFB (First Floor Berry) among Dartmouth students.

Berry Library is known for being a building that gets quieter as floors go up. The first floor (FFB) is known to be the noisiest space, and it is usually where students meet up with classmates to do group projects or just to study with friends.

Personally, I love FFB because I find noise essential to get work done. I am not one of those people who needs to sit in complete silence to be able to concentrate. Rather, I need to be in a talkative environment because it prevents me from falling asleep! I have committed the mistake of drowsing off multiple times when I have tried to study on the upper floors, but FFB keeps me awake and active.

FFB's layout is perfect for every occasion: near the right end, there are a lot of computer desks separated by table dividers. This is where I usually am the days before exams because it is a great space to feel alone and unbothered when you need to grind. While I still get the dynamic and energetic environment, I can be undisturbed in my own headspace. Also, this is the place I go to when I don't have my laptop in hand because anyone can use the computers on FFB!

Desks with computers at FFB

In the middle of FFB, there are many long tables. This is usually where students work on group projects and meet up with friends. I always use this space for review sessions with my classmates, and it is a great place to not feel bad about being noisy because everyone around you will be the same! There are also a lot of small private rooms in this area. This can be reserved through the Dartmouth Library website, and they are useful for when you want a space of your own, for example, to take an online exam or attend a zoom meeting. They are also useful if you want a space for you and your friends away from the crowd. 

Tables for working in groups

Finally, the left end of FFB is what I call the "comfy end." While it does have some tables, it is mostly composed of super soft couches! After a long day, I hate sitting at a desk and thus this is where you can most likely find me late at night. There are a lot of personal couches and foot rests! I love getting readings or creative writing tasks done here because it is such a comfortable place to be in. 


FFB is a great place to study in. However, there are so many other places all around campus! While I have found a home in FFB, don't be afraid to explore and try different study spaces to find yours too!

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