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Hi all! As week nine comes to a close, I thought this would be a perfect moment to reflect on the classes I took this fall and why I decided to take them.

PHIL 008: Moral Philosophy

This class, which I decided to take for my major (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics), was an introduction to the formal study of morals and morality, all centered around the question, "what makes a good life?" We read texts from various authors, but the curriculum is mainly centered around Hobbes, Clarke, Kant, and Mills. In addition, we discussed questions like "Is it ethical to kill animals?", "Should we always do what we want?" and "What makes societies function well?". All in all, it was a great class, with many class discussions and exciting assignments.

ECON 027: Labor Economics

I'll say it… Econ 1 was a little traumatic! Just kidding… I'm being dramatic. But Introductory Macroeconomics, which I took last spring, was hard and made me wonder if I would continue with my Economics major! However, this class restored my faith that I will. Labor has felt deeply connected to the real world. Professor Anderson has done an excellent job of integrating research briefs that discussed real-world applications of the issues we were solving. Professor Anderson's exams were HARD, but they were open-note, which I liked because they emphasized problem-solving, not rote memorization.

HIST 52: Modern German History

Wow. Just Wow. This class covered the formation of the German country through the 1990s, including both world wars and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Professor Greenberg made me realize why people always say Dartmouth has the best teaching in the world. His lectures felt like fables — detailed stories with clear takeaways at the end. He did an excellent job integrating us into the discussion, even having us do a table read of a transcript conversation.

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