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Michael sitting on a bench outside

Hello all, my name is Michael D. Green and I am a '21 from Columbia, Maryland. I graduated from a high school about 10 minutes outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was first introduced to Dartmouth when I attended the Dartmouth Bound Summer Program. Initially, I was only considering schools with mild winters during my college search. It may seem cliche, but my visit to Dartmouth completely shifted my outlook on where I wanted to go to college. This rural and outdoorsy environment is something that I had never been exposed to, and surprisingly, is quite refreshing.  I assume that I will live in an area that is either suburban or urban for a while in my life. But you only get to have your undergraduate experience once, so I figured this would expose me to something outside of my comfort zone and make me a better person.

At Dartmouth, you declare your major in your sophomore year, although many people change their trajectory before and after that point. Currently, I intend on majoring in Biology and minoring in Global Health. I have dabbled in various clubs and activities since matriculation, and am currently committed to involvement in a few. I walked onto the Heavyweight Rowing team in the winter, I'm an E.E. Just Scholar and a member of the educational team in the Global Health organization "Globemed". Unfortunately, I sacrifice a lot of sleep in order to pursue my interests.

My philosophy throughout high school was to be a "Jack of All Trades" and stretch myself across as many disciplines and activities as possible. While I have found this to be impossible to continue to the same extent at Dartmouth, I have been able to delve significantly deeper into what I enjoy. Transitioning to college has helped me evaluate the activities that I spend my time on, and has provided clarity on which activities I am most interested in. Issues in the field of public health are very pressing to me, and I hope to someday work towards solving those issues.

In my free time, I enjoy menswear/men's fashion, rap and R&B music, and a few sports. I am a huge Los Angeles Chargers fan and follow football closely throughout all points of the year. Hopefully the insight I provide on my journey through Dartmouth will go beyond the typical college information session. If you ever have a specific request, feel free to reach out!