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It's only been a week of winter term, but in the past seven days, I've already gone job hunting at the Student Employment Job Fair, learned ways to get involved in the community at the Social Impact Fair, and of course, broke into a good ol' fit of laughter at our first all-school snowball fight. Oh, how I love the bustling life of college! 

With everything going back to its regular schedule, so has my campus meal plan. Don't get me wrong, I've loved making my own lunch salad and hosting dinner parties with my friends during the break, but with classes starting again and the snow building, I definitely need a warm meal I can just sit down for. 

I like to think that I'm a huge FoCo fanatic. I know some of us can get tired of eating at the same place regularly with the same staples from week to week. Yet, I find myself falling in love with FoCo more and more. From the friendly "Hi, how are you?" from the lady who swipes my student ID card at the entrance to desperately trying to find a seat on one of the bench sofas, every visit to FoCo is a new experience for me. Here's a snapshot of some of my FoCo dinners this week!

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