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Is it difficult to be introverted at Dartmouth?

A: May Oo Khine

First off,  I consider myself an ambivert—not too much of an extrovert nor an introvert.

I believe this question ultimately depends on you and what kind of things you are looking for in college! If you want to "put yourself out there," then definitely you can do so through the classes you have, clubs you are interested in, or campus events. If you are looking for other things, then of course, you absolutely don't have to push yourself into positions you're not comfortable in. As an introvert, you might feel pressured to "break out of your shell" to make friends or try to fit in with others much more extroverted. However, I feel this is true of any other place. But, you're here because you're an unique addition with your personality and life story. Don't let wherever you or whoever you meet ultimately determine how you inherently feel. That being said, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it doesn't hurt to try out something new and something you're not used to. Perhaps a quiet study session at a corner of King Arthur Flour, or a more lively group escape room experience at Collis. There are definitely opportunities (or make yourself one) for either "type." Dartmouth students are pretty open-minded and it is more our friendliness and passion that brings us together. We hold strongly to campus traditions and are fiercely protective of our interests. If that sounds like you, there is space for you, absolutely.

Dartmouth, just as any other place, doesn't have to dictate the choices you make for yourself. In college, you're going to meet people from different corners of the world, engage in conversations in which you might have different opinions from others, and be forced to grow despite learning to stay true to who you are. Whether you are an "introvert" or an "extrovert," that's completely fine. But just because you are one and not the other (or a mix of both), it does not mean you are confined to certain things. There will be many like you and perhaps many unlike you but in college, you find out that there is really no one "right" experience. Everyone, with his/her own idiosyncrasies, experiences it differently.

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