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What types of social events do students commonly attend (football games, outings, etc.)?

A: May Oo Khine

There are several social events that students at Dartmouth go to. During the fall term, one of the biggest events is definitely Homecoming, a weekend of reunion for alumni and induction for the upcoming freshmen class who march around a huge bonfire. An festival for the winter term is Winter Carnival, a 3-day annual tradition where we celebrate the snow with activities such as ice sculpture contests or the human dogsled races! 

Throughout the week, several clubs and organizations on campus also send emails (or "blitzes" in Dartmouth terminology) announcing upcoming events. Collis After Dark, a late night programming series, hosts trivia games or stand-up comedy shows every Friday and Saturday. The Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL) hosts lawn games and community socials every other week. The International Student Association hosts a "café" for students to come and enjoy casual conversations over refreshments every Thursday. 

These are just some of the myriad of activities that go on every week! The clubs that you can get involved on campus also have their own socials or meet-ups, great opportunities to befriend other club members! Living Learning Communities, on-campus housing for students specifically looking to be part of integrated learning communities, also host events such as dinners or round table talks. 

Greek life is also present on Dartmouth's campus. Whether you want to rush or not is definitely up to you, but there is also no pressure in joining in case you're worried if you'd be alone if you don't. During orientation week, a lot of upperclassmen mentors and advisors stress on this.  Students who choose not to join a sorority or a fraternity find ways to hang out with friends and destress just as those involved have social events beyond their Greek houses. One thing I love about the Greek system is how they bring therapy dogs to the Green for students near exam season! 

In terms of athletics, the most popular games in the fall are the football and the soccer games. Tickets are free for Dartmouth students and these games are always a short but fun getaway with friends. In the winter term, ice hockey and basketball games are also very popular, with the Ivy League conference play in basketball just starting this January. There are so many opportunities to join club sports or intramural leagues as well. Honestly, all you have to do is look through your inbox or reach out to a club that you're interested in! 

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