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A group of Dartmouth students have dinner at Han Fusion

Hello y'all!  

student posing in her jacket
All layered up (with my incredibly warm jacket) for October!
It is officially sweater season, and as someone who loves cozying up in layers, I'm all for it! If you're from a tropical, warm place like me, October will be your first taste of winters in Hanover. Temperatures will start dropping to the single digits (Celsius), so you should pack those wool jackets and long socks — take it from me!  

Ahh, and of course, October also means that midterms are upon us. Dartmouth runs on the quarter system, so the terms are very fast-paced. Each term is 10 weeks and we take three courses each term, although there are limited options to take two or four courses.

stacks of books in the library
Level 4 of the Baker-Berry Stacks!
Coming off of a gap year, I had my worries: Will I be able to handle the workload? What about clubs? And making time for friends and myself? Now that I'm well into my fourth week of college at the time of writing this, I think I speak for a good number of us when I say this: Yes, the fast-paced quarter keeps us on our toes with tests and assignments due every other week.


Sometimes, it feels like there's so much going on yet so little time. Maybe you'll miss an occasional Saturday Bachata lesson — an awesomely fun Latin dance! But, silver lining, you have a lot of freedom in picking your classes 4 times a year. Plus, you never really get that end of the term slump that comes with the semester system. 

Doctor Seuss Room
A cozy corner at the Dr. Seuss study area!
With midterms just around the corner, late night trips to the library are becoming second nature. I personally love the fourth floor of Baker-Berry Library Stacks. As the name gives away, stacks of books tower across the room — it almost feels like you are lost in a maze. That mystical element somehow works wonders on my ability to sit down and get some work done. 


With so many study places on campus, try to find what works best for you. A quiet spot with a beautiful view of the Green on a snowy evening? The Tower Room. A study room with a coffee place nearby? Try the Kresge Library or the Jones Media Center. Looking for someplace more isolated and creative? There's always the Dr. Seuss Room with its whimsical artwork. 


late night snacks at my computer
Enjoying a late night snack of mozzarella sticks (guys, don't get this every day!) from Collis
If you're in for a long night of studying, you better make yourself comfortable! Aside from the basics (headphones, a light snack and a beverage), remind yourself to bring a charger, an extra jacket, and perhaps an umbrella because it can get extremely foggy with a slight drizzle. Sounds simple — and almost cliché — but they've gotten me through a lot of these nights. 


Also, don't forget to use your late night meal swipe (part of your meal plan) at the Collis Café! From sushi, mozzarella sticks, and pork dumplings to customized smoothies, taco bowls, and fresh fruit, take a short break to get yourself going again. 

That's all for this week. Here's a wintry wish that you all are powering through October!

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