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Encouragement during mandatory quarantine

Hello there, friend!

Several Variable Calculus, social distancing, and strawberries…now, isn't that a bizarre string of words to associate my spring term of freshmen year with? With students attending classes through Zoom and meeting other commitments online, it has been an unusual past few weeks. It might not be how any of us imagined spending spring; nevertheless, there's no doubt that this one will be with us for a very, very long time.  

Several Variable Calculus

This term, with the mandatory pass/fail grading change, I decided to take on an extra class. My schedule looks something like this:

MATH 8: Calculus of Functions of One and Several Variables

MES 1: Intro to Middle Eastern Studies

BIO 12: Cell Structure and Function 

GOVT 40.27 / HIST 36: Epidemics in History

An online Zoom class session
One of my Zoom discussion sessions for HIST 36: Epidemics in History. Although it's not the most ideal, it is definitely an experience for all of us. What a Spring Term to remember!
Overall, I'm pretty happy with my courses. I'm especially excited about my history class because I'm looking forward to doing research about a professor next year on Hanover's very own history of diseases! With the 10+ hour time difference, it's a bit difficult for me to plan out deadlines and lectures. But I'm really grateful that the professors always make sure to make themselves available for extra office hours. Remote learning is probably a first for all of us so don't give up yet!

Social Distancing

I just returned home from spending several weeks of mandatory quarantine in my home country, Myanmar. Almost all of my international friends have returned as well, despite for a few who have chosen to stay on campus. As a freshmen, it really sucks that we're going to be away from each other for the same amount of time (and possibly even more if things go awry!) as we had when we were together — roughly 6 months. We had just really began to settle in with one another and there's a little part of us that worry if our friendships will make it through these next few months. With everything else going on, it won't be easy. But, start small! A little check-in, a video call — the smallest things will make the biggest differences during these times!



A plate of Strawberries
And finally, S is for STRAWBERRIES! This is my favorite fruit and always remind me of home! Here is a plate of freshly picked strawberries I stuffed my face with once I got back home~
As much as I miss school and my friends, I am over the moon to be finally be back home. My three dogs are pretty excited too, I am guessing! With a little bit more time on my hands outside of classes, I'm just catching up with my family and filling them in about my time at Dartmouth. Probably next week, I'll pick up a hobby. I'm thinking revisiting my old violin that has been rusting in my room… or finally teaching myself ballet.

How does a new hobby sound? It doesn't have to be big, and you don't even have to squeeze in 10 years of work into your plan or push yourself to be over productive. Remember, we are living in a pandemic! What's most important though is to keep being cautious and being safe and healthy so that you won't put yourself or those around you at risk.

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