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Andie Conching is a senior neuroscience major, my tripee (a student who was on the same first year trip as you), and one of my first friends at Dartmouth. As a native of “The Aloha State” and all-around amazing human, I thought she could provide a unique perspective on her experience as a Dartmouth student.

Manny: Why Dartmouth?

Andie: I actually did not know anything about Dartmouth before I got to campus, but I can honestly say that my experience here has been incredible - I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I was scared to go so far, but I think the experience helped me to become more independent and really find myself while maintaining my ties/my love for Hawaii.

Manny: What was the adjustment like to life in Hanover?

Andie: When I arrived on campus I was in the only footwear I knew - slippers (flip-flops) - and my suitcase was full of crop tops and shorts. Looking back on it, it was actually hilarious - I didn’t own a single jacket or pair of boots! Needless to say, I was in for a rude awakening when the temp dropped below zero.

Manny: How did you change to make this adjustment?

Andie: Well, I bought a jacket (haha). But in all honesty, after surviving four winters in Hanover, I owe my success to my boots and my coat. I’ve wouldn’t say I've changed though. You can still catch me around campus sporting crop tops in -10 degree weather (with a coat, of course).

Manny:What are your plans after graduating? 

Andie: I will be working for the National Institute of Health with the the National Institute of Cancer in a lab that studies the role of neurotrophins in development and disease. It’s in Frederick, MD so I guess you can say that I’m not tired of the east coast just yet!

Manny: Do you have any advice for the 22s?

Andie: Don’t be scared of the weather, if a girl from Hawaii could make it so can you! My advice would be to take winter and make it your own, don’t let it change you. You should always still do you (but maybe with a few more layers).