Dean Lee Coffin taking a selfie with admitted students
Tulio posing with his dog in a Dartmouth sweatshirt
Abbi posing with a group of friends and a professor
Jenny posing with two friends on the dock
Abbi taking a selfie with a river in the background

Congratulations on your acceptance to Dartmouth College! Today, I'm turning my blog over to our social media team to share details on a Selfie Challenge that we hope will enable you to share in and celebrate your accomplishments with our community. Read on for details!


Welcome to Dartmouth, '24s! To celebrate your acceptance, we invite you to join our Selfie Challenge. To enter, simply post a selfie with any of the 24 things on this list to an Instagram story or post. As you'll see below, some of our current bloggers have started the selfie challenge off strong — and we want you to join in, too! Be sure to tag  @dartmouthadmissions and add the hashtag #dartmouth24s for a chance to win prizes and be featured.

1.  You in Dartmouth apparel

2.  Dressed in flair (Not familiar with Dartmouth flair? Read Abbi '23's post about it here!)

3. In a "BEMA" — Big Empty Meeting Area! 

4. Next to a lone pine

5.  Dressed as a Dr. Seuss character

6.  Recreate one of the 3D Magazine covers

7. Your favorite green spot

8.  Dressed up as a famous Dartmouth alum

9.  In front of a landmark or sign in your town wearing a Dartmouth shirt/sweatshirt/hat, etc.

10. Your favorite 3D Magazine article

11.  A sustainable selfie (go Green!)

12.  With a Dartmouth alum

13.  A book by a Dartmouth professor or alum

14.  A fellow future '24 (selfies over Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype meetings count)!

15.  Wearing a groutfit (that's a *green* outfit) 

16.  On a hike

17.  Doing your favorite research or work for your favorite class

 18.  Holding a sign with a message to your future classmates!

19.  A river of your choosing 

20.  Your favorite hobby or self-care method

21.  Stargazing

22.  With someone who wrote you a recommendation (teacher, guidance counselor, peer, etc.)

23.  Cabin camping

24. Watching a Dartmouth producer's show or a Dartmouth actor in a TV show/movie 

Post your photo(s) with the hashtag #Dartmouth24s for a chance to win! Prizes include Dartmouth apparel and swag, an appearance in 3D Magazine, and gift cards to our favorite Hanover eateries!

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