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Lee Coffin
In just a few short weeks, the annual admissions calendar hits one of its milestone moments—not quite a "holiday" but as close as it gets in this realm—as the application deadline arrives the day after January 1 (aka New Year's Day to those not focused on all-things-admissions). Something tells me the date is circled on many calendars!


Dartmouth's calendars have had another date circled—in green, of course—for quite some time; December 13, 2019! 250 years ago, the College was granted its charter by the Second Earl of Dartmouth. It's Dartmouth's birthday! And a big one, at that! A quarter millenium feels momentous, certainly worthy of a few gifts. Here's a deanly gift as you cross the Ts & dot the Is on your applications. 

A bit about this advice: deans love numbers, but there's no way you're going to read (or I'm going to write) the 250 pieces of advice that would wrap this blog in a nice little bow. Even 25 seems like a stretch. Instead, I'll share the two and a half pieces of advice that might not be new or groundbreaking, but are often misunderstood, underestimated, or occasionally ignored:


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